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Take Part in Further Reading Print No.3: Graphic Design and Southeast Asia
Proposals extended to 30 April 2021

Further Reading is designed as a publishing platform in which a plethora of perspectives can be presented. Take Part in is an open call for the public to contribute to Further Reading’s programmes. In Further Reading Print, we delve into particular subjects to be examined through different perspectives.

For our third print issue, we intend to explore the subject of graphic design, the heart of our practice. Up until now, graphic design is still very much perceived as a ‘Western-centric’ discipline, with methods of work and perspectives that are directly derived largely from the west. This situation presents us with an imperativeness to seek more into the practice of graphic design outside of the current canon, specifically in Southeast Asia, where we situate our practice. This includes its unique challenges to the region, the approaches that come from its advancement, the values that its practitioners hold on to, and the condition surrounding its cultural landscape.

We are now specifically opening submissions for
1. Short Essay, Visual Essay and Other Formats
within topics surrounding:

Design Diasporas
e.g. How does cultural upbringing or values affect the perspectives of individuals living outside of their cultural environment? How do factors related to one’s identity play a part in the largely interconnected world of today?

Gender and Diversity
e.g. How does gender identity and its related subjects direct/indirectly influence the practice of graphic design? How could graphic design and its practitioners address the issues of gender biases and empower equality within the field?

e.g. How can designers utilise technology to respond to the needs of a changing world? If technology can change the way we communicate, how should communication design recalibrate itself amidst the shift?

Ecology and Sustainability
e.g. How can we as practitioners within the graphic design field contribute in creating a more sustainable environment in ways related to our practice?

Other Themes
In addition to the topics above, we are also interested in exploring other related subjects including; Food/Health, Collectivity, and Heritage/Tradition.

2. Appendix: Directory
We are looking for insights on experiences unique to your location like places to visit or get by (e.g. book or design stores, communities, collectives, libraries, galleries, museums) in your city.

3. Submission Guidelines
Short Essay, Visual Essay and Other Formats
Please send in a proposal of the subject you are interested in addressing with a brief description of the points you are going to discuss to: with the subject ‘Take Part in - Topic’. Our team will get back to you after we received your proposal. If you have any formats of work that you think would be suitable for Further Reading, please feel free to discuss it with us by sending us your own proposal of submission.

Appendix: Directory
Directory submission should highlight your personal view about the particular place, its importance to the city, and why it is worth knowing about. The submission format should follow:
— Written in English
— 200-300 words
— Including max. 10 original supporting images (JPEG, 300 dpi)
Please send in your city directory submission to: with the subject ‘Directory - City’.

All proposals and submissions are due 30 April 2021 (GMT+7).