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Other Review

Other Review is a digest of findings that casts light on design process, contemporary ideas and creative inspiration. Other Review takes the form of an interview.

Other Review has featured several relevant figures in art, design and cultural landscape. Our previous interviews are as follows:
Further Reading Print No.1: Navigating Practice with Signals from the Periphery (EE), Southland Institute (US) and Temporary Academy for Un/Re/Learning (PH)
An Appointment with: Seetal Solanki (UK) of Ma-tt-er
The Outlines: Andra Matin, Ary Indra and Don Pieto on Venice Architecture Biennale 2018
The Outlines: Artnivora, Ceres Lau (MY), Dua Studio, Grafis Huru Hara and Tommy Ambiyo Tedji on On Paper 2018
The Insiders: Immanuel J. Palar, Putty Dewikarina and Vensia Layhadi
Felicia Budi of fbudi on Less Waste in Fashion