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Further Reading Print No.1: Identity

Further Reading Print No.1 is the first print issue of Further Reading. Through the print edition, we look inwards to respond to the challenges and demands that we are facing as both designer and non-designer; examine our values within sociocultural, political, economic and ecological contexts; and address or respond using our knowledge, skills and resources. In this issue, we delve into the theme of ‘Identity’ and see how the single subject could give rise to different interpretations.

"100 Lobbies" by Maia Taber and Elisa Taber, Buenos Aires
"Designing an Identity" by Sebastian Koseda, London
"Are We Sitting on the Same Chairs Wearing the Same Shoes?" by Matteo Guarnaccia, Barcelona
"Hybrid Modernism: Koleksi Label Produk dari Tahun 1950-an sampai dengan 1970-an" by Ayos Purwoaji, Surabaya
"A Practice of Loopholes, Excesses and Negotiations" by Kamil Muhammad, Jakarta
"Other Review: Navigating Practice" with Signals from the Periphery, Tallinn; Southland Institute, Los Angeles; Temporary Academy for Un/Re/ Learning, Manila
"Select: A Look on Silent Profanities" by Immanuel J. Palar and Gabriella Thian, Jakarta
"Perempuan Dalam Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia: A Harmonious Collaboration for Equality" by Stephanie Mamonto, Jakarta
"Take Part in: Streets and Divisions" by Michelle Anindya, Bali
"Take Part in: On Purchasing Alienation" by Sakti Nuzan, Jakarta
"Take Part in: On Letting Leaf" by Christian Purwadihardja, Jakarta
"Design and Function by People (Users) for Designers, or Otherwise?" by Muhammad Rifqi Fajri, Jakarta
"Profile: Rewriting Oh Hong Boen" by Putty Dewikarina, Jakarta
"Bookshelf: More than What is Served" by Sheere Ng, Singapore

Edited by
Januar Rianto
Immanuel J. Palar
Putty Dewikarina

Designed by Each Other Company
Approx. 130 x 190 mm
160 pp, two-colour risograph
Typeset in Times Ten by Linotype and Muster Grotesk by Florian Runge

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