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Take Part in Common Reading: Southeast Asia

Common Reading is an ongoing research initiative run by Further Reading, an independent multi-format publishing platform engaging in discourse within design practices. For an upcoming project, we are researching how Southeast Asian creatives read. How do geographical, cultural or personal factors influence our reading material and what does this mean to our design practice in the current geopolitical circumstances.

The results of this survey will be featured in the exhibition "Common Interests: For a New Alliance of Asian Graphic Designers", curated by Bojana Piškur, Vali Mahlouji, Museo de la Solidaridad Salvador Allende, Sulki and Min, Goto Tetsuya, Kim Seong Hee and Seo Dongjin in Gwangju, South Korea on 14 May–25 October 2020.

We are aiming to gather a spectrum of responses from creatives with a Southeast Asian (ethnic) background living in/outside of Southeast Asia, so please share this form with others you know. Take part in our survey here.