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Take Part in Further Reading Print No.2

We invite you to take part in the upcoming Further Reading Print No. 2 by submitting your writing or visual essay within the theme ‘Boundaries’. The submission could focus on any topic in the design practice and is not limited by any discipline.

Through ‘Boundaries’, we are keen to discuss the subjects that play as borderlines between areas or fields; points of contact where disciplines integrate with each other, or expand over one another; measurements that are used to determine and/or evaluate values and practice; along with the influences that are impacting the everyday life.

Key Questions
What are the importance and urgencies in acknowledging and defining the boundaries around us?
What are the contributing factors that influence the boundaries that are built around ourselves?
How do we respond and navigate ourselves through the boundaries that are imposed on us?
How do our geographical or social position and territory affect the way we respond and navigate through the boundaries?
What are the consequences of moving (expanding, crossing, shrinking), changing and merging boundaries?

Geopolitics, Centralisation and Decentralisation
Navigation, Migration and Distribution
Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence
Ecosystem (Climate, Nature, Biology)
Materiality (Physical and Digital)
Norms and Ethics
Psychology (Perception)
Interaction and Connection
Time and Generation

Writing/Short Essay submission should be
Written in English
700—900 words
Including min. 3 references with MLA 8 format
Original and unpublished
(Optional) Including max. 5 supporting images (JPEG, 300 DPI)

Visual Essay submission should be
10—12 images of photograph or collage (JPEG, 300 DPI)
Original and unpublished
Written in English
200—250 words

Submissions are open until 6 December 2019. Multiple submissions are accepted.

Please submit your work by email to with the subject ‘Take Part in: Boundaries’. If you have any other ideas or format of work that you think would be suitable for our second print issue, please feel free to discuss it with us by sending us your own proposal of submission.