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(Re)Take Part in Further Reading Print No.2: Boundaries

We have made the decision to reopen the submission for #FRPrint2, which previously due to out in Q2 2020.

As we reflect, the current situation will eventually shift the way we behave in the future and it means that we will need to change the way we respond to our socio-cultural situation, nature and inevitably, the way we operate and navigate our design practice. We think it only relevant to document and raise the conversations about or surrounding these ideas/thoughts.

While physical borders might be limited or closed down, the world is now more "open and connected". Our private spaces are now "public" (private space, public sphere). We shift the way we consume and not consume things (information, foods, etc.). We begin to reevaluate our relationship with ourselves and our surroundings, that is nature. We are certainly living in a history-making moment.

With these in mind, we would like to reinvite you to take part in the upcoming Further Reading Print No.2: Boundaries by submitting your new works that resonate with these ideas/thoughts. The submissions could focus on any topic in the design practice and is not limited by any discipline and formats.

The selected submissions will be published alongside the accepted submissions (from our first open call) to make up a publication that is "in-between". #FRPrint2 will discuss persistently relevant ideas/thoughts from the "old" (pre-COVID-19) that we should carry or continue alongside the "new".

Deadline for submissions is 3 July 2020 (GMT+7 midnight). The publication is due to out in Q3 2020.

Geopolitics, Centralisation and Decentralisation
Navigation, Migration and Distribution
Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence
Ecosystem (Climate, Nature, Biology)
Materiality (Physical and Digital)
Norms and Ethics
Psychology (Perception)
Interaction and Connection
Time and Generation

Writing/Short Essay submission should be
Written in English, 700—900 words
Including min. 3 references with MLA 8 format
Original and unpublished
Optional: Including max. 5 supporting images (JPEG, 300 DPI)

Visual Essay submission should be
10—12 images of photograph or collage (JPEG, 300 DPI)
Original and unpublished
Written in English, 200—250 words

"Other Formats" submission should be
If you have any other ideas or work formats (probes, fictions, sounds, etc.) that you think would be suitable, please feel free to discuss it with us by sending us your own proposal of submission.

Submit your work to with the subject title “Rethink Boundaries” by 3 July 2020 (GMT+7 midnight)