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Up to this day, we have a list of contributors from all around the world, that have involved in and contributed to Further Reading to be the way it is now.

Alice Rawsthorn, United Kingdom
Almer Rashad, Indonesia
Anja Groten, Netherlands
Ayos Purwoaji, Indonesia
Butawarna, Indonesia
David Hutama, Indonesia
David Reinfurt, United States
Dinamo, Switzerland
Dua Studio, Indonesia
Elisa Taber, Argentina
Evening Class, United Kingdom
Felicia Budi, Indonesia
Florian Runge, Denmark
Gabriella Thian, Indonesia
Kamil Muhammad, Indonesia
Laurian Ghinitoiu, Romania
Maia Taber, Argentina
Matteo Guarnaccia, Italy
Muhammad Rifqi Fajri, Indonesia
Natasha Tontey, Indonesia
Natassa Pappa, Greece
Praya Prayono, Indonesia
Putty Dewikarina, Indonesia
Rabbits Road Press, United Kingdom
Rachel Surijata, Indonesia
Rain Chudori, Indonesia
Renée Ting, Singapore
Roger Bundschuh, Germany
Sebastian Koseda, United Kingdom
Setiadi Sopandi, Indonesia
Sheere Ng, Singapore
Sheila Maharani, Indonesia
Signals from the Periphery, Estonia
Southland Institute, United States
Studio 150, Thailand
Studio Vanessa Ban, Singapore
Temporary Academy for Un/Re/Learning, Philippines