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Further Reading print and merchandise is distributed internationally through selected art and design shops as well as bookshops and concept stores.

Direct Order
Order our products directly through our shop section.

KIOSK by Further Reading Press
KIOSK Pop-up at Footurama, Jakarta
KIOSK Pop-up at Bobo Tokyo, AEON Mall, BSD City

Official Stockists
Actual Source, Provo
Bananafish Books & Gallery, Shanghai
Basheer Books, Singapore
Bookshop Library, Bangkok
C2O Library & Collabtive, Surabaya
Casa Bosques, Mexico City
Footurama*, Jakarta
Frab’s Magazines, Forlì
Grammars*, Bandung
Headstream* by Desa Potato Head, Bali
Magalleria, Bath
Niniveh Space*, Jakarta
Page Not Found, The Hague
PrintRoom, Rotterdam
The Book Society, Seoul
Toko Toko, Byron Bay
*Sells our publication(s) and merchandise

Libraries, Manila
Bangkok Citycity Gallery, Bangkok
Fikra Campus, Sharjah
Studio Eksotika, Bali
Universitas Pelita Harapan, Jakarta
If you are working for a library, gallery, school or campus and would like to stock Further Reading Print for a read-only at your place, please write us an email.

BKKABF CO-OP by Bangkok Art Book Fair, online
FOCAL POINT: Sharjah Art Book Fair, Sharjah
Indiecon Festival, Hamburg
Jakarta Art Book Fair 2020, Jakarta
Miss Read Art Book Fair, Berlin
PrintRoom at Printed Matter Virtual Art Book
Singapore Art Book Fair, Singapore
UNFOLD Shanghai Art Book Fair, Shanghai