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#FRSound is an accompaniment of Further Reading Print, exploring the subjects in question through the medium of sound.

FR Sound No.3 by Munir
For Further Reading Print No.3’s Sound, Munir dived into the deep trove of his records collection to unearth a selection of tunes to accompany one’s reading session(s). Mostly originated from Southeast Asia, some tracks’ artists have been lost to the depth of time and memories.

FR Sound No.2 by Asa Tone
To accompany the release of Further Reading Print No.2: Boundaries, multinational multi-genre group Asa Tone has created a mix featuring musicians with cross-national identities, sounds that challenge classification, and original work made across borders. The mix also explores what boundaries mean from the angle of differently-abled and gender non-binary artists featured within. Asa Tone is the collaboration between ambient and electronic musicians Melati Malay, Tristan Arp, and Kaazi, with roots in Indonesia, The United States, and Australia.

FR Sound No.1 by Almer Rashad
A musical interpretation of Further Reading Print No.1 by Almer Rashad.

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