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A range of products serving as instruments to communicate our ideas further—or to accompany one’s routine in a practical manner.

Incense Sticks: Easterlies
A collaborative pack of incense sticks produced by Adieu Living. The wisps of aromatic smoke that is dispersed after burning is our interpretation of a bright morning ambience along the shorelines.

Library No.2 Scented Candle
A hand-poured natural wax scented candle made by Duft & Chandelle in collaboration with Further Reading, concocted to evoke a non-spatial sense of old library rooms.

Coco Limun No.2 Fruit Drink (Limited-time Only)
A limited-time-only collaborative drink with Los Tropis from our mini showcase in Grammars, Bandung. Using their signature drink for a base, we added a little Further Reading twist to it.

Further Reading Print No.1 Musette Bag
Musette bag from our very first print issue. Made from durable canvas with screen printed graphics on the front side. Features an adjustable strap and flap.

Further Reading Print No.1 Notebook (Sold Out)
Notebooks made with the exact specifications of Further Reading Print No.1, using the waste from our printing process. Made in collaboration with Misfeats.

Further Reading Print No.1 Cookies (Sold Out)
‘Edible book to accompany your reading sessions. Baked by Surely Someday Kitchen.

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