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Further Reading’s outputs are divided into various segments, each with its own scope and function—to engage in and/or challenge discourses around design practice.

#FRAppendix is a supplementary material with considerable substance outside current conversations. Curated by our team with discerning consideration and a little bit of sentiment.

#FRDiscourse is a series of dialogues with educational institutions intended to present the methods of teaching/learning/thinking within the larger creative constellation. To participate or collaborate in our future iterations, please write to info(at)

#FRBookmark is a segment of ours that supplies germane online readings that are related to design matters.

#FRBookshelf suggests a personal selection of books that inspired and/or influenced our contributors as well as their practice today. Our list of contributors include Chris Lee (US), David Reinfurt (US), Alice Rawsthorn (UK), Studio Pandan (DE), and Sulki and Min (KR).

#FRProfile focuses on a pivotal figure whose practice reflects a significant impact on society. Previously featured figures include Danah Abdulla (UK), David Rudnick (US), Geoff Han (US), Irma Boom (NL), and Oh Hong Boen (ID).

#FRSelect is a collection of personal picks from our team members and contributors based on a certain theme or keyword. The segment presents things that, in one way or another, influence our creative process through more fluid themes.

For a full list of our online selections, visit our Bibliography section. (soon)